Winners Management


Professional Careers

Winners Management supports its represented profiles with a service of planning and career management through a working relationship based on transparency, trust and shared objectives. The agency always operates in respect of the psychophysical health of its represented footballers to allow them to grow under both personal and economical terms. Winners Management also offers logistical assistance to athletes and their families, so that they can see, also under this perspective, all their needs fully satisfied.

Mental Coaching, Nutritionism and Athletic Preparation

Winners Management is also equipped to offer support to train mind and body to maximize their interior capacities. Through the experience of professionals who can structure programs and training schedules customized for the single athlete in the sector of sport psychology, performance improvement and nutritionism, the agency aspires to assist each athlete to help them to reach the maximum levels and objectives in professional football.

Representation and Brokerage

Winners Management assists its clients throughout contractual negotiation, analysis and decision which concern the agreements between athletes and clubs or athletes and sponsors, plus, throughout operations of affiliation, contractual renewal, resolution and transfer (always in respect of the FIFA updated regulations for football Agents). The agency works to safeguard the interest of its athletes by making sure to constantly follow the principles of professional correctness and diligence which apply to every conducted activity.


Winners Management acts as an intermediary for footballers and/or clubs to conclude various genres of operations. Thanks to a historically and deeply qualified knowledge of the football world and an integrated consulting service of consolidated partners, Winners Management offers valid support for the contractual, legal, financial, commercial, of marketing and communication activities which footballers and clubs have to face.

Marketing, Sponsorship and Image Rights

Through collaboration with specialized professionals, Winners Management offers support for the management, enhancement and promotion of the footballers’ and their sponsors’ images. With targeted marketing operations the ultimate objective is to raise awareness and increase the value of their identity and brand. Particular importance is detained by the online channels, specifically social media platforms, as vehicles to be recognized and appreciated on and off the pitch. For this reason, Winners Management avails itself of expertise that can best manage the communication and image of their footballers. Thus, throughout various visual, online and on paper modes of communication, the image is promoted by paying the maximum attention and offering the needed assistance via the stipulation of contracts for image rights, their diffusion and protection of brands.

Legal Sector

Thanks to a team of lawyers historically active in the sports world, Winners Management offers complete and indispensable legal assistance and tutelage which takes into consideration the complexity of the norms and rules that govern this sector. Moreover, the agency’s lawyers are in charge of keeping track of all normative evolutions as well as their interpretation in order to best guide athletes and clubs which have to comply with those same regulations.